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As a business owner or owner of a commercial building, you want to ensure that you have a roof that protects your investment while bringing in style. Baldwin Roofing Company guarantees that our clients in Jacksonville and Tampa Bay receive commercial shingle roofs that are resilient and beautiful.

The materials that make up commercial shingle roofing are more affordable than most roofing and are much easier to install. As the new industry standard, your shingle roofs work well for any building. Our commercial shingle roofing company ensures that the products and services you are receiving are unmatched in quality.

Roof Shingles and Your Commercial Building

Due to the materials used in industrial shingle roofing, these shingles are made affordable and durable. The different materials used are placed together in layers, compressed, and blended to ensure they are waterproof, weatherproof, and resistant to the elements. It does not matter what style your commercial building needs; we have plenty of options for you.

These commercial shingle roof systems are straightforward to install, and our commercial shingle roofing company will ensure that your business practices are not affected. The team will determine what material we have is best for your location.

The Wide Range of Styles and Types

Commercial shingle roofing comes in many different styles and materials that make them up. Each one can bring certain benefits forward.

Shake – Shake is used on rural structures and consists of wood shingles made from split logs that are treated with fire retardant chemicals.
3-Tab – This type of shingle is perfect for our homeowners that are on a budget but are still looking for quality.
Timberline® – These number one selling shingles in North America have any color profile you can dream up.
Ultra HD® – Everything that makes Timberline® shingles great with the added benefit of stain resistance.
Designer Shingles – Any color and any style are available to give your house a new and unique look.

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Commercial Shingle Roofing Solutions

We protect your investment with style in mind. At Baldwin Roofing Company, we are proud to offer shingle roofing as one of our commercial roofing services. With our team, your commercial building will be secure and look more professional. Contact us today for your free evaluation and estimate.

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