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When it comes to your commercial buildings, the commercial metal roofing company that you hire must be highly qualified. Here at Baldwin Roofing Company, we are a third-generation construction and roofing company, providing unmatched service to clients in Jacksonville and the Tampa Bay area. Our metal roof systems are a durable and fantastic alternative to other roofing materials like tile or slate.

The products that we provide ensure that your customers are receiving commercial-grade performance without sacrificing building aesthetics or longevity. We will work with you and help educate you on their benefits, the styles, and our services.

Understanding Metal Roofing Benefits

Your business needs a roof that will last through any weather and situation. Commercial metal roofing ensures that your building has a roof with enhanced durability with a lighter material. Not only does metal protect your investments, but it also helps reduce your electrical use. The metal roof naturally cools your building on a hot day.

Installing your commercial metal roof is an easy process that does not interfere with your business practices of the day. Our team will quickly and efficiently install your roof. A metal roof is also one of the most cost-effective materials for commercial buildings.

Materials and Styles

Baldwin Roofing Company offers a selection of metal types and styles for your business. Depending on the look that you are going for and functionality of your building, certain metal products may be more effective for your roof. The types of metal we provide are listed below.

  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Corrugated Metal
  • Standing Seam
  • Steel
  • Tin
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Complete Commercial Metal Roofing Services

Choosing a durable material such as metal for your business is the most efficient choice to ensure that everything within your building is protected and you are saving on both energy and cost. When it comes to commercial roofing services for your business, think of Baldwin Roofing Company. Our team provides superior service, on time, and on budget—every time. Contact us for a free evaluation and estimate for your metal roof.

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