It’s More Than A Roof

Baldwin Roofing Company understands that it’s not just a roof but a protective barrier for you, your family, and your belongings. With Matterhorn metal roofing, we provide homeowners in Jacksonville and Tampa Bay with the best protection and quality in the market.

The Matterhorn metal roofing provided by CertainTeed brings an authentic look and design of traditional styles of roofing like wood shake, quarried slate, and clay tiles. Our expertly trained installers will provide you with roofing services and solutions that make a difference.

The CertainTeed Metal Difference

Matterhorn metal roofing systems provide the performance you would expect from a luxury roof while maintaining top-of-the-line protection for your home. This stronger than steel technology supports itself with a self-healing surface that holds up to impact, fire, and up to 130 mile per hour winds.

CertainTeed metal roofing is coated multiple times to resist against corrosion and fading. The high-performance paint used on each panel provides your home with cool-roof technology to reduce the amount of heat transferred inside. Matterhorn metal roofing is the perfect choice for those looking for a seamless design and high-quality protection.


Matterhorn Products

Baldwin Roofing Company offers a range of products in different styles and designs. We work with each client to understand your needs and determine what works best for your home. Matterhorn metal roofing is available in the following designs:

Matterhorn metal roofing in Jacksonville, FL.

Clay roofs have been viewed as charming and intricate. The Matterhorn metal roofing has created a replication of that allure of clay roofs. We offer this interpretation of these real tiles that are forged in steel.

Matterhorn metal roofing in Jacksonville, FL.

CertainTeed metal roofing has been able to maintain the true character of wood roofs. The design of each panel is made through stylized chiseling. This captures the texture and quality of actual wood shake.a

Matterhorn metal roofing in Jacksonville, FL.

The CertainTeed certified roofers at Baldwin Roofing Company offer a lightweight and durable product. With a patented paint system, Matterhorn has been able to bring the natural beauty of mottled stone to metal roofing.

Residential Metal Shingles

Matterhorn metal roofing in Jacksonville, FL.
Residential Roofing

Matterhorn metal roofing and the products they provide are tested to ensure that they comply with all industry standards. Baldwin Roofing Company offers these high-quality roofing solutions to you as part of our residential roofing services. The innovation of CertainTeed metal roofing makes sustainable and energy efficient roofs possible for any family home.

Commercial Metal Shingles

Matterhorn metal roofing in Jacksonville, FL.
Commercial Roofing

Your business deserves the best roofing solutions. Matterhorn metal roofing is a perfect match to protect your commercial investments and business properties. With our commercial roofing services, you are guaranteed performance and durability unmatched by any other roofer.

Complete Metal Roofing Solutions

Baldwin Roofing Company prides itself on providing clients with all their roofing needs. With Matterhorn metal roofing, we can do just that with durable and stylized new roofs and re-roofing.

Baldwin Roofing Co.

It’s more than just a roof to us.

From Jacksonville to Tampa Bay – we are ready to put your new roof and re-roofing needs first.



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