When choosing the best roofing company in Tampa, there are several factors to considerWhile word-of-mouth referrals can be fantastic resources for discovering reliable home service companies, you can’t always trust that your friends and family conducted their research. 

Consider the following factors before choosing a roofing contractor to work with:

  1. Verify Credentials
  2. Evaluate Value
  3. Consider Timeline
  4. Avoid AOBs
  5. Prioritize Service

1. Verify the Roofing Company Is Licensed and Insured

If your contractor doesn’t carry the proper license or insurance, you could be liable for any issues or injuries on your property, which is why licensing and insurance checks are key. Review credentials to ensure the contractor you are talking to has the proper roofing license and insurance coverage required by the state. In Florida, a roofing license can be leased to any individual on behalf of a company, whether or not that individual is involved in the actual business. The best roofing company in Tampa is one where the license holder is involved in the roofing business.

2. Evaluate the Estimate Against the Value of the Service

Price is a factor, but it’s not the only one. The cost of a full roof replacement will vary depending on the size and location of your home. If you shop around for prices and notice that a company is well below the average, there may be a reason why. However, cost shouldn’t be the only factor in your decision. Professionalism and quality workmanship should also weigh heavily on your decision. 

We recommend consumers get three estimates before choosing the best roofing company for a project. Once you have three quotes to review, be sure to follow up with each company to ask the following questions for further clarification: 

  • Does the price estimate include the removal of the old roof? 
  • How soon after the job is complete are the payments due? 
  • Any hidden costs? (ex. plywood)

3. Keep Timeline in Mind When Considering a Contractor

Timelines can be telling, and patience can be a life-saver – especially in the home improvement industry. Be wary of a contractor that is too quick to respond or promises fast turnaround times that other companies can’t compete with. There may be good reasons for this. Although in Tampa, seasonal availability does shift, the best roofing company will require a two to a four-week waiting period before a roofing specialist can inspect your home. The wait times can be even longer when it comes to scheduling a start date for your roofing project. There are many factors influencing labor start dates, including city permitting timelines, unfavorable weather, and other extraneous factors. Be cautious of any contractor promising instant results.

4. Avoid Getting Locked Into Assignment of Benefit Contracts 

Many homeowners may not know about Assignment of Benefits, also referred to as AOBs. These contracts allow a policyholder to sign and grant a third party, such as a roofer, to act as the insured and seek payment directly from the policyholder’s insurance company. AOBs have long been a part of Florida’s insurance marketplace, but in recent years there has been an increase in abuses in the way they were being used. The rampant misuse of AOBs throughout the state has driven up insurance costs for consumers due to the unnecessary litigation associated with these claims. Consumers should be aware before signing AOBs as they can often result in legal disputes between the third-party vendor and the insurance company, placing the policyholder in a problematic position. The best roofing company will work with your insurance carrier to ensure a smooth, efficient claims process every step of the way.

5. Prioritize a Dedicated Customer Service Team

Office staff can be an indicator of ease. There are plenty of one or two-man companies out there, but customer service is often overlooked in these operations. A trusted Tampa roofing company will have a dedicated support staff available to keep you informed of every step in the process. Make sure you prioritize the peace of mind that comes with a dedicated customer service team.

Call the Best Roofing Company in Tampa Bay

As the saying goes, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. This is why we emphasize doing your research, getting multiple estimates, and asking the right questions. A good roofing specialist will be knowledgeable about the products and process and should leave you with a level of confidence. If you’re looking for a roofing estimate from the best roofing company in Tampa, reach out today.